Embracing the Chaos: Life With a One Year Old

How to live with a messy toddler | embracing motherhood and finding joy Chaos. For anyone who as ever hung out with a very busy one year old, you know what I am talking about. Their little world is so big and full of excitement. Every drawer is a new universe; every laundry basket is a land to be explored. The house could go from impeccably tidy to a post-tornado disaster zone in ten minutes. Toddler life is real!

It’s easy as a hard-working, self-respecting, stay at home mom to follow them around and pick up every single toy, towel, dish, pillow, who knows what, I’m not sure what that is, goodness how did she get that, etc. and put it away.

Must. Keep. House. In. Order.

How to embrace the chaos of motherhood with a toddler at home and toys all over the house

We wouldn’t want our husbands to come home and be appalled at us now would we? But, I got to thinking–someday, if I do my mothering job right, my home will be empty. Everything will continually be in perfect order. I will have shelves of organization, decorations on the wall, and my diffuser and salt lamp happily plugged in without anyone tearing the cords out of the wall.

I won’t run around and empty each drawer and throw its contents on the floor, hastily moving to the next one to see what’s in it. I won’t unload a basket of folded laundry and laugh while I toss it across the room, just because I can. I won’t unravel a whole roll of toilet paper because it’s so darn fun. I certainly won’t dump my milk out of my sippy cup just to watch it drop on the floor. I won’t even throw a pea to see for far it goes.

Sounds boring, right?

No, friends, that is what a one year old is for. And these days are short. Sometimes I look out over the mass chaos of the afternoon living room and just feel overwhelmed by how much God has blessed me. A beautiful house to get messy? So many toys for my baby that I can’t figure out what to do with them?

Wow. Blessed.

How to embrace the chaos of motherhood with a toddler at home and toys all over the house

And then, I just melt with joy as I watch her tear it all up, squealing with delight as she goes. I love every single lego, napkin, jar, block, hanger, and spatula I trip over. I love that I have to sweep up crumbs every day, and that there are smears all over the window. My heart bursts just thinking about it right now as I write.

How to embrace the chaos of having a toddler

It’s nine at night now, and she is in bed; her toys are put away, my diffuser and salt lamp are running, and I miss her. Certainly, the days get long and busy, and these relaxing moments are so nice and so necessary.

But, I miss her. I miss having all those things strewn across the floor. Because, that is all that they are. Things. And this is just a house. It’s okay if it’s chaotic at times.

Don’t get frustrated. Don’t be stressed.

I know days with little ones can make you feel like your head is spinning; like there are a million things to do and even though you are busy all day it seems like nothing gets checked off the checklist. It’s okay, mama.How to embrace the chaos of motherhood with a toddler at home and toys all over the house

It’s okay to let the toys build up for a little bit. You can pick them up later. Or maybe just leave them for the night and pick them up tomorrow. Just relax and think about how amazing it is to have such a messy house.

Maybe this is just me. Maybe I just want the whole wide world to know I love my little girl so much. I love everything about her; I love how she smiles and laughs, how she cruises and tears apart everything in the house, and how she is continually making me a better person and a better mother.

This chaos is the greatest gift in the world.


How to embrace the chaos of living with a toddler and the mess of toys and love

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4 comments on “Embracing the Chaos: Life With a One Year Old

  1. You really hit the feels! My daughter is one now and this is exactly how she is, just a crazy explorer, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world! I can’t wait until I get to be a stay at home mom too.

  2. Oh boy can I relate to this! I wasn’t so great at letting the “chaos” be around very long with my first baby. This 2nd time around, I’m embracing it! 🙂

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