That Time I Was Bad at Being a Natural Mom

Feeling like a failure because you haven't lived up to natural mom perfection? I'm with you, and it's okay, because being a crunchy mom doesn't define us! Read more at Crunchy Mama Science.If you are on this blog, you’ve probably figured out that I love natural living. I love DIYs, simplicity, reducing waste, non-toxic home products, real food, and being exactly who I want to be. But, lately, life circumstances have made all of this very hard. Life has made many things hard, and I feel like a failure. I feel like I’ve been a terrible crunchy mama. I haven’t eaten great, and nor has my daughter, which is incredibly important to me! I’ve used way more paper plates than usual, and I’ve been using pre-soaked face wipes instead of my usual konjac sponge, apple cider vinegar routine. You guys, I haven’t even touched my cloth diapers in over a month {gasp}. I feel like I’ve been failing at crunchy, failing at momming, failing at blogging, failing at wifeing, and just failing at life.

I’m supposed to be perfectly natural, right? I mean, I have a blog about it for goodness sakes! I haven’t wanted to admit that I bought Cheerios for the first time in years, or that my trash bin has been magically getting full really fast lately, or just the sheer amount of gluten I’ve eaten these past couple weeks. But then, I think, wait a minute. I’m constantly talking about how nothing on earth defines me but my relationship with God. Not being a mother, not being a wife, not being a science geek, and certainly not being crunchy.

It really seems like I’ve been letting my self titled crunchiness define who I am, and life has taught me when something like that defines you inevitably will fail, which I have. And, this leaves you depressed, unmotivated, and downright sad. When you fail at the thing that defines you, you fall into a whirlwind of emotion that leads you to believe you are failing at everything in life. Do you feel that way sometimes?

Feeling like a failure because you haven't lived up to natural mom perfection? I'm with you, and it's okay, because being a crunchy mom doesn't define us! Read more at Crunchy Mama Science.

Well, you aren’t a failure! You aren’t, and I’m not. We’re human. We get sick, we have hard times, and we have moments when doing the dishes takes the last bit of energy we can muster and honestly we just can’t.

Paper plates it is.

Tomorrow is a new day, a new land of opportunity, and a new place for all the healthy living adventures of life. It’s a place for dusting off the ol’ cloth diapers, firing up the essential oil DIY factory, and filling up all the glass kombucha bottles with herbal tea. But until then, I will rest. I will bask in the contentment that I have a wonderful family and beautiful daughter, a warm bed, a place to call home, and a life to live. I will not be defined by the actions I take or what anyone says about me, but only by the God who saved me.

I’ll get my act together soon, I hope. I truly believe in natural living. I believe in everything I do. I believe in simplifying life, reducing waste, treating earth with respect, reducing toxins, and fueling our bodies with real nutrition. But, this short hiatus from perfection will not bring me down any longer, and it won’t change who I am. I want you all to know that as much as I try to help and give advice, I too am human, a busy mom, and sometimes I don’t do great. I want to be real in my failures and hopefully encourage everyone that one little step, one little change, is worth doing, and is always worth celebrating.

You don’t need to be crunchy mom of the year to feel good about yourself, or to feel like you’ve arrived. You just need to be love, be present, and be unbroken by happenings of this life.

So tell me, what is defining you? Is it something that you do, how you perform, or something that can be swayed by other people? If it is, take a minute to let that go! I know I have.

We are so much stronger than that.

Tell me in the comments, what are you letting go of today?

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4 comments on “That Time I Was Bad at Being a Natural Mom

  1. I struggle with this so much! For me, it’s about not being a hypocrite – what will people think if they know that I have challenges with this too? But if we’re open and honest about those challenges, then I think it’s actually a good thing.

  2. I love that you were so honest in this post. No, were not always perfect and I’ve fallen off the wagon with the crunchy life at times too. No one ever talks about it which makes other moms feel like failures when they make the tiniest mistake! Thank you for your honesty and well… being real!

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