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Follow these blogs to learn about gut health and the benefits of nutritionSomething that I really love about being in the blogging world is all the amazing and skilled bloggers I get to meet! Believe it or not, google doesn’t always bring up the best results for your search, only the ones designed to be searchable by computer software.

Here are some of my favorite gut health related blogs I’ve discovered and the awesome people behind them!

The Wild Gut

For anyone looking to start fermenting, A Wild Gut is filled with food fermentation recipes galore! Matt and Alana give great tips on kombucha, probiotics, prebiotics, sourdough bread, water kefir, vegetable fermentation, and so much more. Prepare to be inspired! Follow them on Instagram (@thewildgut). Alana says:

“The Wild Gut aims to educate readers on the importance of a healthy gut, but in a way that is understandable to everyone, not just those with science or medical backgrounds. I develop fermentation recipes which require minimal ingredients and are easy to make, so that the world of fermentation feels approachable to everyone. In addition to recipes not being scary to a beginning fermenter, I want them to be fun and tasty! The main goal of The Wild Gut is to get people started on a path toward improved gut health, through education and hands on experimenting!”


I’m Simply a Dad

Dave over at I’m Simply a Dad is a passionate father who is working at healing his son’s autism with gut health, diet, and natural therapies. Follow him on Instagram here (@imsimplyadad). If you are struggling with an autoimmune condition or a child with autism this is a great place to visit! He is a dad with great advice about healing through nutrition and very practical tips. Dave says this:

“I’m Simply a Dad on a mission to make the road to better health & happiness easier for all families. I am an autism Dad that has drastically improved the health of my son and lessened the severity of his autism. Through a holistic treatment path with a specific focus on diet, I have strengthened his immune system, healed his gut, and improved his sleep quality. It took me 7 years to understand the best diet for treating autism and my own health issues. The goal of is to make the transition easier and much faster for other families. On my site, you’ll find simple, practical advice on how to get your family to eat better, live happier, and also a good dose of hope. After visiting, you will be ready to begin your own journey to better health and be filled with hope and inspiration.”


Thrive by Food

Thrive by Food is an excellent place to go if you are ready to take action and get your health back! Kristin is an integrative nutrition health coach who offers one on one coaching as well as a Love Your Gut program. Here is what she says about her website:

“I am a certified health coach and digestive health expert. On my blog, I provide practical tips for readers with digestive issues of any kind to begin finding relief naturally. Inspired by my own digestive health journey, which started over 10 years ago, I blog often about dietary frameworks, easy and healthy recipes, and new ways to tap into your body’s signals to become more proactive about your health. You can also find me over on Instagram (@thrivebyfood) where I am posting daily about these tips and more.”


Healing Gracies’s Gut

I found this blog on my eczema fighting journey with my daughter! Here you will find encouragement, inspiration, and tons of recipes and tips for living with food allergies and intolerances. This is especially helpful when you have a little one! You must follow the Instagram account (@healinggraciesgut) if you are dealing with a situation like this. And even if you aren’t, her recipes are so great! This is from Mel, the creator of Healing Gracie’s Gut:

“Healing Gracie’s Gut started off as an outlet to chronicle our journey to literally heal my beautiful daughter’s gut issues caused from food intolerances.  My blog has since evolved to a place where you can find recipes suitable for families who have food intolerances and/or food allergies, lifestyle pieces and interviews around family health and nutrition.”


I hope you enjoy these amazing bloggers and their work! I am certainly inspired and motivated by them.


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