Six Ways to Reduce Garbage (Just in Time for Earth Day)

How to help save the planet by reducing garbage and living more naturally Spring is here, and isn’t It beautiful!? The birds are singing, the sky is blue, and the snow has finally melted to reveal the luscious grass, spring flowers, and…..wait what? Piles and piles of garbage. It saddens me greatly to see all the garbage that has been caught in snowbanks being revealed this spring. I’ve seen it pile up on fences, scatter across fields (including the one behind my house), and even show up in bird’s nests. Earth Day is fast approaching, and it’s time we do better.

It’s heartbreaking to see this planet polluted with so much garbage. It’s not just people blatantly throwing trash out their car window either; it blows out of pickup beds, falls out of trash cans, and spills out of cars. We can all do our part to make the world cleaner, and it’s our duty as inhabitants of our beautiful Earth. We can all work together to help save the planet.

Six ways to reduce garbage production and celebrate earth day Six ways to reduce garbage production and celebrate earth day

Here are some ways to reduce garbage production and celebrate Earth Day every day.

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1.Forego the Togo

In modern day America, we are all about quick. Fast food, quick lunches, and takeout dinner. But, if you think about how much waste that produces because of the packaging, plastic silverware, take out containers, and more, it’s just not worth it. If you want a dinner out, just take the time to enjoy the experience at the restaurant. If you know you will need a quick meal, bring a sack lunch with you. For the times when you do need a quick bite, keep a set of easy to grab travel utensils in your bag (moms–we all know the diaper bags holds just about anything you could ever possibly need), and bring your glass water bottle and glass sippy cup with so you don’t need a plastic one at the restaurant.

2. Compost

Everyone should have a compost bin. They are awesome, easy, and so fulfilling. Before you tell me you can’t because you live in a city, know this—I had a compost bin when I lived in an 830 square ft. house squeezed into a tiny neighborhood near Downtown Denver. Apartment dwellers—talk to your managers about potentially getting an apartment wide compost program going. Composting reduces so much waste, and you can purposefully buy products that are compostable, reducing waste even more. Really, it gives you so much satisfaction to create nutritious dirt from your own vegetable clippings.

3. Goodbye Plastic Water Bottles

We all know how bad they are. Just don’t buy them. Get some reusable glass or stainless steel bottles. If you can’t drink your tap water, most grocery stores have a place to refill jugs of water.

4. Reduce Plastic Grocery Bags

These. Grocery. Bags. Are. The. Worst. This is the number one piece of trash I see blowing down the highway, stuck in fences, and tangled up in bird’s nests. They blow away so easily, and of course never degrade. Investing in a set of reusable grocery totes and reusable produce bags will save so much plastic from escaping into the world. And, if you happen to end up at the store without your reusable bags, save those plastic grocery bags to reuse as trash bin liners.

Six ways to reduce garbage production and celebrate earth day

This is a bird’s nest that fell outside my house

5. Buy in Bulk and Refill

Plastic packaging of products is another piece of trash I see all the time. Get some reusable glass containers at home for pantry staples (mason jars work great), and bring your reusable produce bags to the store for refills without producing one bit of trash in the process.

6. Cloth Diapering and Wipes

Even if you cloth diaper part time (I do about 70 % cloth as I build up my stash—I don’t use cloth out and about or at night) you will reduce your diaper footprint immensely. Same goes for wipes. I promise you, it’s not that bad! And the little fluff butts are so stinking cute!

Although I completely support recycling, it should not be relied upon as an excuse to buy plastic products. Recycling still takes energy, and many places don’t even offer recycling (like where I live). It’s better to reduce your production of garbage in the first place.

I’m not trying to be a self-righteous crazy person, I promise you! I’m preaching to myself here. I too am on a personal mission to reduce my garbage production even more—currently I am trying to find an alternative to Ziploc bags, my eco-kryptonite. It’s just not worth polluting the planet for. Please join me in changing in few things in your life to help reduce garbage, celebrate earth day, and make the world a cleaner place.

How do you reduce garbage in your home? Tell me in the comments!

For more easy steps on how to live naturally, check out my Ten Easy Steps to Natural Living post! Guess what–you get a free worksheet!

Earth Day Every Day.

Peace and Love Earthlings.


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