To the Woman Struggling With Infertility

To the woman struggling with infertility and trying to conceive, you are not aloneHey girl, you’ve been on my heart lately. As my life, phone, and news feed are continually filled with mom articles, pictures of kids, and pregnancy announcements I have been thinking of you. Infertility is a pain I will never truly understand; a hurt that I cannot grasp.

When trying to conceive, it must shatter your heart to see all of those videos and hear all those moms talk about how motherhood is the most amazing experience in the world. Do you ever wish you could sit down with a group of women and not discuss anything related to diapers, what kids eat, or sleeping through the night?

It has been on my heart to write to you, to reach out and tell you that you aren’t forgotten. In the midst of the busyness of life, you fight a silent battle every day, and many of us flaunt what you want so much without even thinking. Sometimes, we even complain about it. I am truly sorry for any hurt this may cause you, and I hope you understand where we are coming from too.

Dear woman struggling with infertility, you are not aloneI want you to know that I am praying for you. I feel the Lord tugging at my heart to pray for women in your situation; for healing, encouragement, strength, perseverance, and, if it be His will, a pregnancy. I want to encourage you to be honest with your friends who are mothers. If they are silently hurting you, I’m sure they want to know. We don’t understand, and it’s hard to talk about.

I want to support you, love you, and go out for coffee with you. I know I can’t do that with every woman struggling with infertility, but I can call on other women to fill that roll. Infertility must be a lonely road, and I am so sorry if in any way we have contributed to that.

Dear woman struggling with infertility, you are not alone

I pray that you will be encouraged, that you will know your ability to conceive does not define you as a woman, that you know you don’t need to have a baby to fit into the world of other women, and that you will know I feel this hurt with you. I know my experience is not yours, but my heart is with you. Not in an “I feel sorry for you” kind of way but in a way that says yes, I understand your pain (as much as I can) and I am hear to cry with you, laugh with you, and talk about anything but infertility with you.

Although the journey of infertility may be the hardest, it should not be the loneliest. Ladies, it’s time to band together with our fellow women who are hurting. It’s time to talk about the unspoken things, and stop talking about the usual topics. It’s time to be loving and understanding friends.

Women who are struggling, I want to hear from you. I want to hear your hurts, your pain, and what brings you encouragement and joy on the hardest day.

You are not alone.

You are perfect in every way.

We love you, girl.

If you feel led to, please share with me your story in the comments and how I can be praying for you!

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4 comments on “To the Woman Struggling With Infertility

  1. You just made me cry… this was so beautifully written and you hit the nail on the head! Thankfully I have the most wonderful friends, with the loveliest of children (and when the children behave like little devils, at least I can send them back to their parents 😉 ). I love talking with them about their sleepless nights and struggles with their children’s schools, their hopes and fears and funny stories. And if we’re lucky, we get sleepovers when the parents want some time for themselves 😉
    Strangers however… So many of them ask if you’ve got children. And then whether you want them. It usually leads to more advice on how to get pregnant (Visit that specialist! Eat that food! Put your feet up!), stories that illustrate how I should look on the bright side – or awkward silence. I think I prefer the latter!

  2. Goodness, all the feels with this one! Just had to comment and say thank you – sometimes the greatest encouragement is just knowing that someone cares!

    “Although the journey of infertility may be the hardest, it should not be the loneliest.”

    Hit the nail on the head with that one. Perhaps it does not have to be both. God didn’t equip us to go through our greatest struggles alone! ❤️

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